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The Landing Page Best Practices That Convert Leads to Sales

Landing pages are an essential part of any sales funnel and play a crucial role in driving conversions and meeting sales goals. However, to be effective, there are some best practices you should always keep in mind when designing your landing pages or asking a digital agency to do it for you.

Some proven best practices include:

Go Mobile-Friendly

With slightly more mobile device users than other devices, a brand or digital agency must ensure their platforms run just as fast across media channels. Link videos to your YouTube channel and use PNG photos to maintain loading speeds.

Have One Conversion Action

Ideally, every landing page should be optimized for a single primary goal. For example, if you want users to download an eBook, ensure a clear download button is at the top of the page.

If you add too many options and actions for users to take, it can be distracting. So it's usually more effective to design your landing page with one specific goal. For instance, encourage them to buy if you’re selling a product or contact if you provide services. Don’t use both, especially if the action does not correlate (you can’t buy a service or call them for a particular item).

However, the above rule of thumb does not apply to longer landing pages. Your first call to action should be visible without scrolling if you have a longer-than-usual description or copy. The repetition must occur in several places as they keep scrolling to convince them to buy the product. You don’t want them to scroll back up just to click your CTA.

Despite this exception, remember to focus on a single conversion goal rather than giving users different options as they scroll down. Keep your CTAs consistent in color, font, layout, and text through the landing page. Again, when working with a digital agency, these are no-brainer principles.

Put Your Main Message or CTA at the Top of the Page

If someone clicks on your landing page, there's no guarantee they'll scroll down and read the whole thing. But there's a good chance they'll read everything at the top of the page, known as "the fold."

The concept of "the fold" comes from newspapers, which have been using it for centuries. The most important news and headlines are usually above the fold, where they're more likely to get attention.

The same principle applies to landing page design. Keep your main messages, call to action, and headlines above the fold (the area of the screen that's visible without scrolling down). They should already know if you’re working with a digital agency.

Show Benefits over Features

People reach your landing page because they're looking for a solution to a problem. So it's more relatable for your audience to focus on the benefits your product or service can provide rather than a list of features.

A good tip for emphasizing benefits is to think about the particular pain points of your audience and build from there. Sell a solution, not an item.


Contact Mountain Lotus Digital today to achieve these best practices and more! We’re a digital agency in Artesia that offers a suite of online services to boost your business through leads and conversions. Book your success session with us today!

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