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Here Are 5 Expert-Recommended Meta Tags for SEO

Meta tags are crucial for your successful search engine organization (SEO) strategy. They’re snippets of text that provide additional information about the page. Using the right ones lets the search engines know what your webpage is about, how to read it, and who must see it.

SEO experts strongly recommend using meta tags because they help the search engine determine which words and phrases to associate with your webpage, thus increasing your visibility in the search engine results.

This article will enumerate five expert-recommended meta tags and how to use them properly.

1. Title Tags

The title tag creates a clickable headline on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s the first thing people notice when looking for a keyword or phrase where it appears on social networks and browsers.

However, as you consult with your local SEO service provider, you might wonder if they still have the same impact as before. Recently, search engines have heavily considered user behavior when determining a web page’s relevance and position in the search results pages. The title is the first thing users see, and it helps them decide whether it fulfills their search query.

A well-crafted title tag can attract more readers and visitors, boosting your website’s ranking in the search results.

2. Meta Description Tags

While the meta description tags don’t play a crucial factor in your ranking, SEO service providers strongly recommend investing in this tool to boost click-throughs and polish brand SERPs.

A well-written one must be realistic and engaging. A compelling meta description must also include keywords matching the users’ search queries. We recommend composing two sentences with the right keywords to describe the gist of the page.

3. Heading Tags

They provide hierarchy and structure to your blog content. SEO services recommend using heading tags to separate and label headings and subheadings from other text. They also organize your content for search engines and users, allowing them to process and understand it better than web pages with complex structures.

However, there has also been controversy surrounding the importance of heading tags to search engine ranking. While others state that H2-H6 headlines don’t play a crucial role in search engines, several industry studies show that using the H1 tag properly can positively impact a website’s ranking.

4. Nofollow Attributes

Outbound links guide viewers from your website to other external URLs. SEO services strongly recommend using them because it makes your content look more authoritative and trustworthy by providing additional resources. It also makes your webpage appear more comprehensive and valuable.

It’s worth remembering to add the correct hyperlinks because Google is best known for recognizing and disapproving all attempts at manipulating website rankings through link building. Otherwise, your website could face expensive penalties and rank lower in the search results.

If you do it correctly, Google can use your website’s cited sources to help visitors understand your content better, especially as semantic search grows more rampant.

5. Image Alt Attributes

The image alt attribute provides an alternative option to understanding the image’s contents for people who cannot view it. It also lets search engine crawlers better understand the image’s contents and context. Moreover, image alt attributes can have a crucial impact on how visitors interact on your page, especially if you own an e-commerce site.

SEO services strongly recommend adding detailed and meaningful descriptions to your web page’s images to help you improve your on-page SEO. That way, you can improve your website’s accessibility and SEO ranking.


Meta tags can help significantly boost your web page’s rankings. Using them correctly and consulting reputable SEO services can help you gain more traffic for your webpage.

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