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Most Important Elements of a Good Website Design

Your website is one of the most important tools you have to get more clients and customers if you are a business owner. So what separates a good website from a bad website, or a good one from a great one?

Here are 8 qualities that a great website will need your trusted experts in web design services in Artesia shares with you:

Excellent Visual Design

This includes everything visible to a website visitor, from the layout of the site to the typography and color scheme. You want to be sure that your website's design will appeal to your target audience. A site that looks too plain and simple may be off-putting to your target market, while a site that's too colorful and complex may also be a turn-off.

Relevant Content

The content of your site is just as important as the visual design. SEO experts suggest that you make sure the content of your site is clear, concise, and most importantly, relevant. Focus on writing content that contains information that will be useful to your target market.

Easy Navigation

One of the most important qualities of a great site is its navigation. Your site's navigation should be intuitive, easy to use, and ideally, should not require your visitors to scroll through pages of text or images to get to the information they are looking for. This can be accomplished in many different ways, through the use of several navigation menus, drop-down menus, or even a site map.

Proper Optimization

A search engine optimization (SEO) plan is necessary for your site if you want to increase the number of visitors that visit your website through the search engines. An SEO plan is not complicated but it will take time and effort. You'll want to be sure that you're using appropriate keywords and site content that addresses your potential customers' concerns and questions.


Accessibility means making sure your website works on all kinds of different devices and screen sizes. Mobile optimized websites are designed with smaller screen sizes in mind, so that site visitors don't have to squint their eyes to see text or zoom in and out to see images. That makes for a better visitor experience, which increases the chances of them sharing your site with others.


There are several ways to achieve intuitiveness in your website. One of the most popular and effective ways is to use a site map. A site map is a table of contents that lists each page on your website and tells users where they can go to when they click on the page. The site map is usually accessible either by clicking on a bookmark that appears at the top of each page or by clicking on a link at the bottom of each page.


Speed is an important consideration, especially if you intend to focus on mobile optimization. If your site is too slow, most visitors will be turned off and will likely look elsewhere for a business that meets their needs.


Your website's security is essential to the success of your business. Your website must be secure, up to date, and have a valid SSL certificate. Also, if you have a store, be sure you have a secure server set up and you protect your customers’ personal information.


An effective website design will help you establish an online presence that showcases your business in an appealing and memorable way. The process of creating a website isn't difficult and keeping these elements in mind will help you make sure you have the ultimate, desirable website that you need to grow your business.

The good news is that you don’t have to design and build your website on your own. You can find a reputable digital marketing agency that specializes in web design services in Artesia.

Mountain Lotus Digital is a digital marketing agency in Artesia that offers web design services and SEO among others. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you come up with a business website that stands out from the competition!

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