Mountain Path

We guide businesses
on their digital journey
so they can thrive in a
high-tech world.


You Have Unmatched Dedication,
Big Vision, And
Work Hard To Achieve Your Goals

But you've realized when it comes to this tech stuff it's time consuming and not nearly as easy as you'd like it to be.

✔️ Do you want a website that looks like it was built this century?

✔️ Do you need help to get seen on Google?

✔️ Do you struggle to keep up with your social media presence?

✔️ Are you slowed down by constant software updates and maintenance tasks?

✔️ Are you lost and confused when it comes to securing your IT infrastructure?

✔️ Have you ever said there's got to be a better way to handle all this tech stuff?

✔️ Could you use a proven roadmap to tackle these problems?

Compass & Map

No Problem, We Can Help You

We're a team of entrepreneurs, webmasters, social media gurus, and tech enthusiasts who've been where you are and can move your business forward.

✔️ We've helped dozens of clients just like you with web design through the Wix Marketplace & word of mouth referrals.

✔️ We've ranked numerous local businesses on the front page of Google.

✔️ We've helped politicians, real estate agents, and SMBs grow their social following & increase engagement.

✔️ We've got over 10 years of experience in Webmaster Services & Digital Marketing.

✔️ We've served as help desk and technical support for thousands of users over the years

✔️ We've managed fleets of over 5000 servers and maintained 99.9% uptime

✔️ We've written and executed Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Information Security, and Information Technology policies and procedures

✔️ We've got over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.

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